​Mosquito and Spider the TV show was self produced by Nicolas Caesar. Filmed in Fremont, California over the course of 6-7 years, complete with sets, props and hundreds of puppets. What started off as a 'Space Ghost' like talk show mutated into a variety show with interviews, skits and even a pirate ship! 

Mosquito and Spider was created in 2009 by Nicolas Caesar. Mosquito was inspired by Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis, being allergic to cats. For my main character I thought of the worst creature in existence (that I could draw), Mosquitos were the obvious answer. More hated than flies. Mosquitoes are the worst. Then he needed a companion. Thinking of drinking buddies, a spider fit the bill. Mosquitos' personality was originally going to be a combination of Johnny Rotten and Hunter S. Thompson. I wanted a totally reckless and chaotic personality. Spider's character was based off of my old mailroom co-worker Jun, who always seemed pissed off and had a way shattering bullshit with his simple, blunt, honesty. He also threw scissors at me and taught me to swear in Tagala. Together they were going to be my Ren and Stimpy but they had their own ideas. After enough wrestling with them I let them go to be my Id's incarnate. And they didn't disappoint.  Because they weren't grounded in anything outside of angst it was an idea free for all. The more untamed the better!