​Several years in the making I bring you the Mosquito and Spider Show based off of my web comic. I had this idea that so many of us creatives were looking for a project but for one reason or another - nothing fit us. So I made a project where nothing fit. The Weird and Wretched World of Mosquito and Spider. A talk show gone wrong? A variety show? A social engineering experiment? Whatever it was we made it with puppets. Lots of puppets. Bins and bins and bins of puppets! 

It was our comedy theater to try out jokes, skits, prop and set challenges and we came out with 5yrs of footage and one Atheus to edit it all. It was an uphill battle to put it mildly. We had yellow jacket swarms, a SWAT team to politely walk by carrying a giant red button that said 'Destroy' and gun cases carrying lighting equipment, sweltering heat, all for what? This? 

I kid, it just goes to show what tenacity and a gaggle of arty misfits can do. Love it or hate it, it's ours and all of us, the good, the talented and the amazing. I'm happy to be the Ed Wood behind this Garbage Pail Love Child of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Creature Features with Bob Wilkins, and Meet the Feebles. 

Without Patch and Astra at the helm, steering the ship, the seas would shatter us. Dustin, Kendra, Astra, Patch, Muffin, and everyone else who sat at the director's chair - thank you for donating your time and insight! Muffin, Kendra, Georgia, Ellen, Adam, Angela, Atheus, Laura, and past and present crew, thank you all for the belief and support. 

And thank you the viewer for being curious enough to check out what this insanity is about! Good on you! - Nik