Mosquito and Spider Cast and Crew


Astra Kim
Astra is the co-founder and production manager of the indie film crew Skeleton Crew Productions. When she’s not filming puppets, she can be seen in public doing live show photography and occasional stage managing in the burlesque, circus arts, and belly dance circuits. When no one else is around she reads a lot, explores abandoned buildings, and builds coffins for fun like a cliché. You can find Skeleton Crew at and her on Instagram at

Mike Hagen:
Mike Hagen was one of the founders of Mystery Fandom Theater 3000, where he also functioned as a writer, set builder, prop builder, and starred as Mike Nelson. He has worked as a grip in the horror film Doll Murder Spree. - Mystery Fandom Theater 3000 web site is:

Additional bios to come!

 Mosquito and Spider is:

 Nik Caesar - Creator / Producer / Mosquito

 Muffin - Head Writer / Spider

 Dustin Sklavos, Mike Hagen, Kendra Pecan, Astra Kim - Directors 

 Astra Kim - Production Assistant / Project Manager / Social Media Manager /   Photographer / Camera Operator / Set Tech

 Mike Hagen - Set Design / Construction / Grip / Project Manager / Extra / McGuyver

 Kendra Pecan - Writer / Actress 

 Don Fickles - Creepy Clown / Sound / Sticker Guy / Web Guy

 Adam Morse  - Writer / Actor 

 Atheus  - Editor

 Webberly Rattencraft​ - Additional Material