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The Year is 2020! by Nicolas Caesar

What the hell is this? You might be asking. In 2009 I started a web comic called Mosquito and Spider. I wish I could say it was an anti-humor, social engineering experiment or a prank but it's just my friends and I being stupid together. In the beginning they were created by me and my friends over cheap beer and cheaper movies. So heaps of poop and taint related content from our comic book version of Cards Against Humanity. As it continued it became it's own thing. Less absurd and more surreal. It mutated. It became a thought theater. I started incorporating things I've overheard, inside jokes, anxiety, depression, all  and all if was becoming more of a doodle journal. I'd experiment with design, textures, characters and so of and they'd Darwin-it-out. Whatever survived or that I like became paintings or other works of art. Here is 14 years of my life encapsulated in these two toxic characters. No patreons or subscriptions, just out there for you to enjoy? If you like this kinda weirdness feel free to donate directly to my paypal scary.art@gmail.com. And thanks for being curious! 

The Road to Sacramento by Nicolas Caesar

The Big Phoenix by Nicolas Caesar